How to List and Raise Capital on IPOFLOW

Learn about how to raise capital on IPOFLOW. 

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Step 1:

Sign Up and Join IPOFLOW

Enter your name and email address to create a user account on IPOFLOW. Then go to the dashboard under your profile, and then click on my project and then add a new project.

What sorts of companies are a fit for IPOFLOW?

We work with companies who are:

1.         High Growth

2.         Professional

3.         Early-Stage

What types of capital can I raise on IPOFLOW?

We work with companies that are raising capital using:

1.     Equity   

2.     Preferred Equity

2.     Convertible Note

For priced rounds (preferred equity) you will need to provide the pre-money valuation. For convertible notes, you will need to provide the valuation cap, conversion discount, interest rate and term length. IPOFLOW support any common equity and debt offerings.

Step 2:

Create Profile

You will populate your profile on IPOFLOW with information about your company that will be presented to investors. You may also want to create other promotional materials such as a campaign video, blog posts and emails to your users.

Tell us about your company and upload your business plan or executive summery for our review. In three business days one of our professionals will contact you to take the next step.

Step 3:


Your profile will go through an initial screening by our  Team to ensure that your company and fundraising terms a fit for IPOFLOW. During this process, we will connect with your management team to discuss any follow-up items.

Step 4:

The SEC qualification

The SEC form 1-A for Reg A+ in many ways resembles the traditional S-1 registration statement used by companies conducting initial public offerings.

Our team of experts as Bankers, Attorneys and Accountants will handle the process from A to Z to qualification for one flat fee.

Step 5:  

Marketing And Direct public Offering Services

In today’s new information age there are many effective marketing methods available to companies seeking to raise capital. IPOFLOW will list and feature your offering on IPOFLOW platform, and our advisor’s can provide aid, assistance, and invaluable advice with respect to marketing and offering placement to business owners. We will provide compliant road maps to marketing along with methods to gain favorable exposure to a wide spectrum of venture capitalist, broker dealers, and other various institutional investors.