Marketing And Offering Placement Services

In today’s new information age there are many effective marketing methods available to companies seeking to raise capital. Nevertheless there are still many regulatory constraints, rules, and procedures in place with respect to solicitation and disclosure. This creates an environment with many pitfalls from a legal perspective for business owners. The penalties for improper marketing, improper soliciting, non- compliant payments to brokers, and capital finders are many times quite harsh. These are circumstances that need to be avoided by business owners at all cost.

We would like to issue a strong word of caution in this area. It is very important for business owners to get good advice and guidance with respect to marketing their company’s offering. However please keep in mind there are many effective and regulatory compliant methods that can be employed by business owners to attract capital.

IPOFLOW Advisor’s Capital Division can provide aid, assistance, and invaluable advice with respect to marketing and offering placement to business owners. We will provide compliant road maps to marketing along with methods to gain favorable exposure to a wide spectrum of venture capitalist, broker dealers, and other various institutional investors.

For those business owners who wish to make use of our Marketing and Offering Placement Consulting Services the first step would be to send us an inquiry from your IPOFLOW account.

It usually takes our staff 3 to 4 business days to prepare a time and cost proposal for Marketing and Offering Placement Services. Clients should allow this time for us to prepare a proposal for services.

Please note; there will be additional expenses paid to the various third party vendors. These expenses will depend on the marketing selections made by the business owner.